oh baby | twenty weeks | olive june

oh baby | twenty weeks

how far along? | 20 weeks {we are halfway- yay!!!}

due date: january 14, 2016

baby's size | baby is the size of a banana . size: well according to 'the bump' app, baby is supposed to be around 10.2 oz. however, last week we learned that he's a big boy! he was already 14 oz. then. let's just say my husband was 10 lbs 4 oz. at birth and a wrestler in high school … plus, boys on my dad's side are very tall. so pray for me. 

gender | a baby boy!!  

{hoping to continue to share my baby boy photo inspirations with you each week!}

feeling | i feel really good but am just very, very tired from teaching {and standing almost eight hours straight a day- as a result, my feet are usually throbbing all.night.long!} but it's so worth it- knowing our boy is healthy overcomes everything else. 
-- this entire house is a dream come true for me--
maternity clothes | i can still wear a lot of my clothes/am up two pounds at this point but sometimes my regular clothes become extrememly tight and start to hurt my stomach.  i am currently looking for sales/clearances to hopefully purchase some school clothes! i would love cute/comfortable options to get me through teaching daily.

workouts | a few walks 
sleep | i have been crashing and sleeping very soundly... except for one/two potty breaks- but all is good. 

cravings | anything pumpkin, citrus, peaches, strawberry ice cream, water  
movement | i can feel him kick and move a lot in the mornings/evenings. it's so special- every single time. 
fun facts | he's got working taste bugs {please be like your parents.} and he is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day- significantly more than before! {his little stomach was full of fluid on the ultrasound- a good thing!}

miss anything | sleeping on my stomach {i literally pick myself up with my arms- similar to a yoga pose- when i need to switch positions!} i am getting pretty good at it though- upper body exercises throughout the night! :)

best moment of the week | the absolute best part of the week was seeing our son {little love of mine} wiggle and dance for us on the ultrasound. his little smile while we were in 3D was my favorite part. everything looked perfect. we are so grateful for this wonderful news. in addition, mr. monaco sent me flowers on the first day of school- they are simply beautiful. they were delivered to my classroom and have helped to brighten my initial days of school very much. he's a sweet, sweet man.  
-- perfect mobile for a gender neutral nursery-- 
looking forward to | a girl's weekend in greenville, south carolina- give me a serene lake house and girls i adore {visiting them always involves laughs all weekend long!} 

next appointment | friday, september 18 {i will be 23 weeks} 

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  1. Sooo sweet :) I love your nursery inspiration!! And those little shoes - too darling!!

  2. A boy!!! So sweet and so exciting! You're halfway there!

    My oldest was born January 7th - I love January birthdays.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. i am excited for a winter birthday! maybe our little boy will share a birthday with your son :) thanks so much, jennifer

  3. I feel you on the big babies!!! My husband is 6'4" and was a wrestler and an offensive lineman. Surprisingly though I weighed more than he did at birth. I was 9 lbs and he was 8 something I think. My little one is due in just 4 weeks (!!!) and has been consistently measuring 1-2 weeks ahead. Our last ultrasound 2 weeks ago showed her weighing 5 lbs 11 oz already, but thankfully they said the ultrasound weights are usually over estimated by about a pound. I just hope she's able to wear the couple of newborn outfits I have at least once each.

    1. haha- oh wow. hope you are feeling well and best wishes with everything, kelley!! thanks for stopping in and leaving some love

  4. Lovely post! And happy twenty weeks! xo

  5. How exciting! What a lovely post, and such a lovely record of how you're feeling. You have a beautiful blog, glad I popped over from the #SHINEbloghop x

    Sara | mumturnedmom