oh baby | nineteen weeks | olive june

oh baby | nineteen weeks

how far along? | 19 weeks 

due date: january 14, 2016

baby's size | baby is the size of a mango | 6.0 inches and 8.5 ounces 

gender | a sweet baby boy!! 

feeling | still feeling great! i went back to work this week {students arrive monday 8.24} this is my ninth year teaching {so crazy!} and i am so excited to meet a new group of eighth graders. this week included 12-15 hour days  i feel so tired but so good at the same time {especially compared to the end of the school year!} 

maternity clothes | i can still wear my regular pants, shirts, and some skirts but see this changing soon! most of my co-workers told me this week that i don't even look pregnant- but i can def. tell {even if it's only a little baby bump}

workouts | does setting up my classroom and running around my school count? :) i do feel sore!? 
sleep | i have been crashing and sleeping very soundly- feels so much better! 

cravings | still loving ice cold water!! {although it was a favorite prior}

movement | off and on! i love, love feeling our little boy move {it's usually at night/when still}

fun facts | he is developing a protective coating over her skin, called vernix caseosa. he is working on his five senses. nerve cells for his sense of taste, hearing, sight, and smell are developing in his brain.

miss anything | sushi and beer 
this pregnancy body pillow from bump nest is on my current wish list 

best moment of the week | enjoying my first mexican meal out {it's my favorite} since becoming pregnant 

looking forward to | our ultrasound tomorrow- so excited to see our son!! any prayers you can send our way are very much appreciated <3

next appointment | tomorrow :) 

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