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a "time flies" first birthday party

hi! i love sharing kids party ideas with you all! even more, i love being part of the planning process! when a good friend from home, who also lives in charlotte, asked me to help plan her son's first birthday party, i was so happy to help! small gatherings are a passion of mine and i enjoy it- so much. thank you betsy and gus for allowing me to be part of this day.
 we decided to do a 'time flies' airplane theme and went with a red/navy color scheme 
{go ud flyers! betsy is a proud alumni} you might also remember this precious first and second birthday party from another friend from home that i loved: oh, the places you'll go!
and a popsicle and painting party
here are some photos from this adorable little boy's party:
the paper goods were from target
 betsy had a college friend make the invites- inspired by pinterest
they were folded and sent in a red/blue striped envelope
 most of my parties include some milk glasses and fun straws!
big boy van and his awesome dad, gus! 
how cute is his little flyer outfit from the gap- it was perfect.
we decided to purchase dr. seuss' 'oh the places you'll go' 
to act as the guest book - future teachers can sign it at the end of the school year
 LOVE this fun lady! i have known her since i was about fifteen and there's nothing not to love. 
she was the amazing caterer for the party - grandma mama kat from small town, ohio
i bought the toppers on etsy 
the wooden 'v' at target 
he is the cutest 
a birthday party isn't complete without some swedish fish
 these were the favors for the kids
the clipboards were from amazon
i bought the printable on etsy for $5 
we attached with string and crayons
the cake and cupcakes were beautiful  
anna marie at desserts by debolt made and delivered them
  i think they loved and enjoyed the party
they were the easiest people to work with and i loved helping to plan this special day
lastly, i am happy to announce that the winner of the 
'freshly brewed' onesie is meredith montgomery
thank you SO much again to ashley at the outline apparel company 
go check out her cute shop!!


  1. Oh my goodness this was such a beautiful party! I love the cupcakes, but most of all the smiles on peoples faces! It looks like a wonderful time.

  2. Such a cute birthday party, I really love that striped banner!

  3. Such a great birthday party. I love the theme and all the decorations. I also love that Dr Seuss book.

  4. Such a great birthday party. I love the theme and all the decorations. I also love that Dr Seuss book.

  5. What a cute birthday party! I love the idea of using the Dr Seuss book as a guest book! Going to use that at one of my daughters birthday parties.

    1. you should! parker grace is adorable- love your posts!

  6. Oh my gosh, this all looks sooo cute!! :-) Must have been a perfect birthday party!

  7. Such a cute party! You did wonderful! I love the clipboards with the airplane pics to color! Such a fun idea!!!

    1. thank you so much! it was a fun day and i loved the favors, too

  8. So sweet. Great ideas! I love his pilot jump suit!

    1. awe, wasn't it so cute! she got it on sale at gap- love him

  9. The whole party was gorgeous, however I specially liked the cake. So beautifully decorated :)

    1. thank you! she did a great job with the cake :)

  10. I love everything in this birthday party. All the photographs are amazing. This party color scheme reminds me a lot of my cousin’s engagement party that I attended last week at party venues in Houston. Anyway, thanks for the post.