oh baby | thirteen weeks | olive june

oh baby | thirteen weeks

{an original bump photo from week five- haven't popped yet, but will share bump photos soon and will post a final nine month bump at the end in this exact spot!}

how far along? |  13 weeks 

baby's size | baby is the size of a peach | 2.9 pinches and .81 ounces 

gender | we fill find out this sunday- surrounded by family and friends! {i know it's really early but we decided to do genetics testing at ten weeks because my mom was adopted/we have a missing link of family history} we are beyond blessed that baby is healthy at this point and can't wait to find out! we will be thrilled with either! my cousin is the only one who knows and we are grateful to find out with people we love- a thank you to my sister, mom and dad in advance for hosting!! 

    what is your hunch? ties or tutus?

feeling | much better than i did during weeks three-nine  but the nausea can come on fast!! 

maternity clothes | not yet! thinking about buying some bigger shirts soon!

workouts | arm workouts- any youtube videos you recommend? i signed up for the 'move your booty' challenge that amy and karli are running {goal is to get 200,000 steps in july doing pretty well so far!} and then am signing up for pre-natal yoga next week! 

weight | not sure! i will find out on the 16th - at my last appointment i was down 3 pounds from my original appointment. 

sleep | still good but not quite as good as my normal sleep {which is knocked out/sound as can be!} i get up a few times to use the restroom but can usually fall right back to sleep! thank goodness 

appetite | it varies food aversions are still my biggest challenge! i want to eat healthy, but sometimes only a few things sound good! i have been craving sweets and am usually more of a salty person. watermelon and donuts are my #1! i can also tell you that the baby LOVED some bang bang shrimp at bonefish

fun fact | baby now has fingerprints and his/her vocal cords and teeth are forming! 

miss anything | beer. 

best moment of the week | spending time with friends, receiving a sweet care package from a fellow (and very sweet) blogger, and indulging in a strawberry cheesecake blizzard from dairy queen 

looking forward to | time with my family/friends in my hometown the country concert, my cousin's wedding, and the gender reveal party! excited to share photos with you all soon! follow me on instagram for weekend updates

next appointment | july 16 for basic check-up and to hear baby's heartbeat! 

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  1. Ties or tutus is the CUTEST! I've heard a lot of ___ or ___ but I've never heard this one and it is my new favorite!

  2. Ahh this is also exciting nelle!! I seriously love reading bump dates, gaha. I can't wait to see your pictures from the gender reveal. :)

  3. So fun!!!! I hope you have the best time on Sunday! :) (My vote is girl!)

  4. Yaaay! So sweet. I hope Sunday is a wonderful day for you. I can't wait until my husband and I are ready to move into family mode. :)