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a grateful heart: telling our village

they say it takes a village
to educate, build character, avoid dangers, develop morals 
to raise a child. 

baby boy monaco~
you have one incredible village.

here are some photos from may 2015
showing how we told our special loved ones! 
i created a basket for my sister and bought these beautiful flowers at whole foods 

mr. monaco's family: 
we found out on may 5 - five days before mother's day 
his parents/sister's family live in charlotte
we were hosting that day and decided to tell everyone-- on such a special day
may 10, 2015- mother's day 
i met melody at the sip & shop at 7th street market on thursday, april 30
she was so friendly and sweet
i loved the idea behind her beautiful nest necklaces at melody joy designs
{representing a mother's love}
and thought, when we are expecting, i want to get our moms one of these! 
you can add eggs at any point - so fun, right?
five eggs for my mother-in-law and one for my mom
less than a week later... we were expecting!!! 
i contacted her right away and although mother's day is her most busy time of the year...  she was aMaZinG and ended up driving to charlotte from south carolina to deliver our special gift! 
i can't thank get enough.  
her work is beautiful and her personality extraordinary 
here is her facebook page for updates and more info: melody joy designs
we put the necklace in a beach bag (she loves the beach) with some fresh tulips
this box was her mom's/mr. monaco's nana's 
she gave it to me on my 30th birthday with one of her mom's beautiful bracelets
i love it so much- and decided to wrap the necklace in that box 

my sister:
my sister and her husband had plans to visit over memorial day 
and i wanted to tell her in person {the wait was hard- along with my parents}
they were all glad we told them in person though/didn't mind that we waited
this is her first time becoming an aunt 
so i wanted to make it special! 
her reaction was absolutely priceless! 
she saw the mug first 
and got teary-eyed and said, 'are you serious...' in the sweetest way 
before going crazy
absolutely loved her excitement... it lasted for hours, days, months. haha 
the back of the mug says, 'jess' in cursive
i bought the wine labels, mug, and egg on etsy
the rest is from world market!
my sister and i loved watching them make/almost always bought salt water taffy at the beach
 so i added some blue/pink! 

 my parents: 
i put these little mint converse shoes, a knitted hat {for winter} and this little note in the above box
this was my most favorite reaction 
they both cried, hugged each other and then hugged us
and they are both glowing with excitement.
i gave my mom the necklace with a single pearl in the nest
and my dad got cuff links that said
dad 1983 {i am their first born} & grandpa 2016 

 my brother: 
uncle al also got a mug! 
he surprised us and rang the door bell about 5 minutes after my sister and bassey showed up
{i thought i was going to have to tell him over FaceTime the next weekend when i told my parents}
so him showing up was SO special!!! 
i got to tell my sister and brother together. 
a moment that i will certainly never forget. 

close friends: 
we gave our friends a bottle of wine with this label {from etsy}
 i hated that i couldn't tell my close friends from home in person
but shared our announcement photos with them 
and their reactions were AWESOME. {love them- so much}
blocks are from anthroplogie 
thank you all already for all of the love! 
...hope you enjoyed our announcements...
in case you missed: how i told mr. monaco
 how did you tell family and friends?

where i shopped: 
wine labels: ten twelve designs
cuff links: estylo cufflinks
hat & sign: peony blossoms
uncle mug: hellolovehello

  ...what is your heart grateful for this week...
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

hope your weekend was awesome!
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  1. These are all such pretty & thoughtful ways to announce such exciting news! You did a really good job :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL, just beautiful!! I love that you are documenting all of this - it will be so special not only for you to look back but for your babe to be able to look back on this too. It's such an incredibly precious time :) :)

    1. awe… thank you!! so sweet of you! and yes, i agree… i am hoping to capture all of this journey!! xo

  3. Such great gifts! How sweet and creative! I LOVE the nest necklace idea! and the aunt mug! and the wine labels! So cute! Congrats!:)

  4. Beautiful!! Love all the gifts and so very thoughtful!!

  5. Such wonderful ways to announce! We literally just were "I'm pregnant" and that was that. I wish I was in your family to receive an announcement like that :)

    By the way Sophie was born in January too!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

    1. that's fun, too! :) we will probably do that next time! and yay! :) he might come in december but is due 1.14! thank you SO much!

  6. Such a sweet time in your lives! I love how you told each person, but my absolute fave is the wine bottles. So clever!

    1. thank you so much, mary! thinking of you this week! yay :)

  7. This is so sweet! I really love the necklaces with the eggs.

    1. thank you so much! melody is so sweet- love her beautiful work!

  8. Such a special time! And yes...it does take a village. So glad you have such a great one. I can tell you it truly does make ALL the difference! xoxo

    1. thank you, sweet amy! always love your thoughtful comments

  9. So much fun adorable stuff! What a fun way to share your great news with family! I love the gift baskets, and that nest necklace.

    1. it was so fun!! thank you so much, justine!!

  10. I love it all! You have such a good eye for gifts/decorating/all things pretty!

  11. Cutest ideas ever! I love the little converse and the aunt mug! Adorable!!! Congratulations!!

  12. Congrats! Looks like you had a bunch of adorable ideas! My favorite has to be the mug saying "the best sisters get promoted to aunt!" so cute! If only myself (or my hubby) had a sister!

    1. thank you! i loved the saying and thought the mug design was just beautiful! :)

  13. I love that you did something a little different for each family member! This was so great!

  14. Oh my goodness! These are all so adorable and classy. I am going to have to pin this whole thing so when the day comes I can look back on these wonderful ideas. Congratulations!

    1. so nice of you!! thank you SO much… have a great day!

  15. The post is really interesting! I love your blog:)


  16. Hi! New reader here! I've so enjoyed playing catch up with your baby journey so far- CONGRATS on baby boy! Such a wonderfully exciting time if your life and I love how you've celebrated and documented this amazing time! Look forward to following along!

    1. thank you, jo!! so nice of you and can't wait to check out your space, too! :)