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top five charlotte spots

today i am sharing my top five spots {this was very hard} in my city of charlotte, north carolina:

soul --the vibe, the spicy feta dip, the brick walls, the moscow mules, the neighborhood, the music, the sushi, the peacock on the wall, the cupcakes, the view of the city! {it holds a special place for my sister and i and mr. monaco and i- lots of great memories and chats spent here}
customshop --the atmosphere, the fresh bread, the small plates, the cheese boards, the candles, the concept, the fact that elizabeth creamery is right across the street. 
amelie's french bakery --the eclectic feel, the live music, the comfortable furniture, the soup, the pastries, the lattes, the egg sandwiches, the cinnamon hot tea, the feel of paris.
bakersfield --the tributes to johnny and june cash, the guacamole, the sangria, the garage doors, the tacos al a carte, the margs in mason jars, the old country music/movies playing, the memories from visits to cincy ... now in charlotte.
paper skyscraper --the books, the gifts, the hours spent strolling, the wrapping paper, the candles, the stationary, the unique vibes, the old school candy, the adorable home decor, the david french paintings, the kitchen utensils, the school supplies, the travel section.
 what are your favorite charlotte spots?
...if you have never been, what makes spots in your city special...
i felt like this post came at a time in my life when i needed it most
i woke up to this post yesterday morning to this post from one of my all time favorite blogs,
a cup of jo
 it struck a core with me. 
such an inspiration!
as i continue to pray about my path and journey in this one life
i was encouraged and connected with these empowering women. 
thank you so much for posting, cup of jo team
you have no idea what this meant to me.
and i wanted to share it with you all, too. 
do you have a dream job? 
...if so, i would love to hear...
someday i will share mine - until then, i will keep praying and dreaming away...
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  1. We just went to Charlotte a few months ago to an NBA game. It was such a fun city!!

    1. thank you so much! I love it so much... moved down in 2007 and have never looked back! glad you enjoyed it ♥ have a wonderful weekend

  2. I'm keeping this list handy when we come to Charlotte this month! And maybe we can meet at one of these places :)

  3. I totally agree with you about Soul, Amelie's and Paper Skyscraper. I have to add those pork belly tacos to the Soul list. :)

    It's so hard for me to come up with a best of Charlotte list, but have to include Midwood Smokehouse, the Whitewater Center, Heirloom, and some of the breweries.