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healthy snack ideas

hi~ hope your week is going well! so i still plan to share more of our wedding on upcoming wednesdays {so many sweet comments about the return- thank you.} along with other wedding inspirations- but i also want to start sharing healthy and clean living tips/ideas. one of my goals this week is to workout lots {yoga, lifting, and jogs/walks} and find some healthy snack ideas. 

here is a list of what i came up: 

- watermelon
- grapes
- unsalted almonds + craisins {a great combo!}
- black bean and corn salsa- try this awesome recipe
- half of a grapefruit + honey
- guacamole
- chocolate covered banana bites {so good- one of my favorites}
roasted chickpeas
- celery and almond butter
- snap peas + light veggie dip
- light popcorn
- string cheese
- frozen blueberry yogurt bites
-  oatmeal with fruit
- carrots
- blueberries
- hard boiled eggs
- cottage chese
- peppers

...i would love to know...
what are your favorite clean and healthy snack ideas? 
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  1. These are all great ideas! I love snacking on apples with peanut butter or Greek yogurt with raspberries and dark chocolate chips! Also hard boiled eggs! Pretty much anything with a lot of protein and/or fiber because it keeps me full!

    1. thank you so much julia! love apples, too - anything with peanut butter! and that combo sounds wonderful- I will have to try it! :) thank you again for stopping and enjoy your week!

  2. love these...another one that I eat lots is quinoa with honey & almonds. you can do any combo that you would eat oatmeal long as you dont have texture problems... :)

    1. yum- i love almost all food/no texture problems - so I will be trying this! thank you so much for sharing!!