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a grateful heart

 "keep in mind that someone else is happy with a lot less than what we have."
my heart is grateful for:

- fresh produce
- a week off - a staycation- of relaxing, catching up, planning some events, and exploring my city
- a beautiful easter mass {i love my faith- so much} and the peacefulness i feel each week when leaving
-  trader joe's pink sparkling lemonade
- spring walks
- trail mix
- h & m 
- a package from the 'easter bunny' a.k.a my mom just arrived 
{she bought mr. monaco a shirt and made us a blanket- along with a cute card} 
- in the package was also an apron that my {loving, caring, sweet} gram cross-stitched - it's beautiful
- pizza, modelo, and basketball tonight! {go big ten}
- our collection of fun coffee mugs
- pumpkin spice coffee creamer - bought a day before easter- and a great decision!
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey
what are you grateful for this week?
hope your weekend went well!
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  1. I'm telling you, I just want to spend a weekend with you, yours always sound (and look!) so lovely! :) Glad to hear I'm not the only one still rockin' the pumpkin coffee creamer... I haven't been able to stop since Thanksgiving. (It's that bad) Wishing you a happy week, Nelle!!

    1. awe- thank you so much emily! i feel the same exact way about your beautiful photos!! and pumpkin creamer is my new love- i am usually a black coffee drinker {and i still love it!} but the pumpkin. it's just incredible. i have been thinking about you and am ecstatic for you and your trip- you are going to love it. do mike's fat bike tour if you have time... you ride fun red bikes {the bikes have names} you stop for geletto, have wine on a boat- and then bike again. it's awesome!! if they still do it like that- this was 2006. we also went to a place that had fondu and served wine in baby bottles- read about it in cosmo and had a blast there. enjoy! xo

  2. Oh man. What a great list! Now I just want to sip some pink sparkling lemonade while taking a long walk :)

    1. thank you so much, meghan! love trader joe's and spring! hope your week is going well and thanks for stopping in!

  3. The list looks and sounds amazing - so much to be grateful for! Have a wonderful week :)

    1. thank you so much, ann! hope the same for you <3 i appreciate you stopping in and leaving some love!! keep in touch- xo