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easter inspiration + blogger love


 hi! i hope your week is going well ♥ easter sunday is this weekend ... 
any exciting plans?
today i am sharing some inspirations with you 
to decorate, wear, create, accessorize...
for more details, click on 'easter' to purchase/see more about the items i chose. 
what are your favorite easter inspirations?
also, i have been thinking a lot lately
and i mention this often
but my absolute favorite part about blogging 
something i never could have put into words... or imagined when i first started 
--is the community that surrounds you--
as a result, one of the things i would like to do more of is share more insight about these special bloggers and some of their posts with you from time to time
what inspires me- what i love about them. 
here are some of my favorite bloggers- 
you should all go meet them:

a shore blonde- how we eat gluten-free 
{you have encouraged me to be healthier- thank you. next week's spring break plan includes lots of walking, running, hot yoga, reading, devotionals, and healthy meal planning/shopping}

{so inspiring - i can't wait for this journey! i love everything about emily}

dearest love- pinspiring 
{i always love her beautiful picks!}

{loved getting to know her more lately- so sweet- and all of these are so true}

hill collection: weekly pics
{so much to love- she's my ultimate 'style twin' and i adore her}

{mr. monaco's dream- so patriotic! i find her blog so beautiful- and creative}

 little blue sailboat- family yearbook ideas
{rachel has been my most faithful and loving blogging friend and recently launched her own blog! yay ♥  great ideas, crafts, and the cutest baby boy, max}
 in the end, 
this journey has been more than i ever could have imagined
i have loved the creative, genuine, and loving people
 new and incredible blogland friends
that i have 'met' along the way 
i love their encouragement, support, prayers, and sincere hearts
you have brought so much to my life 
and i hope to do the same 
{even in the smallest ways}
it's so hard to reciprocate all of the gratitude i feel towards each one of them
lately, i have tried to pin more of their images, leave comments, and pray 
for these friends as much as possible
hoping to promote their amazing work 
in the very best way i can 
because they're awesome and i care about them!
have you had a similar experience with blogging?
{i hope so}
how do you show the love?
come say hi - instagram . facebook . twitter . bloglovin


  1. You're the sweetest, really you are :) I love your blog, gal! I'm also crushing on that Easter-inspired dress! It's a must have!!

    1. awe- thank you! you are as well and i LOVE the dress! i went to buy it- the good news: it's $24 - the bad: it's sold out! :( so sad! hope your week is going well {ps: LOVE hill collection} thanks for the love!

  2. Thanks for the love gal! You are my fave blogger ever and my inspiration to start my own journey through blogland! I hope you're having an amazing week, love!

    1. awe- you are so welcome and thank YOU! you are such a dear friend and i love little blue sailboat and the cute family you have! week is going well- hope the same for you, sweet girl! xo

  3. This is why I love this link up - a lot of your fave picks are new to me! Thanks for linking up and sharing the Blogger Love!!

  4. Nelle, thank you for the shoutout! And believe me...I still eat a lot of chocolate. ;-) That spring dress is adorable.