a sunday poppy - on friendships and easter baskets | olive june

a sunday poppy - on friendships and easter baskets

i have thought a lot 
over the past month
about the people in my life
and i am proud of the people that i have allowed to get close to my heart
the people i spend my time with
confide in 
and love. 
they are wonderful people - with genuine souls. 
"invest in people who invest in you"
- the alison show
and i wanted to share this amazing post by tara at the pink couch
she created this adorable -- i mean-- this is the cutest easter basket i have ever seen.
go check it out here for details … you did an incredible job, tara.

easter is two weeks from today

what are your favorite things to find in your basket?

...hope your weekend is going well...
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  1. beautiful basket! i can always count on a caramel cadbury egg, but my most favorite thing is a hand written note. he's sweet to me like that.

    1. she did such a great job! thank you so much for the love and there is nothing better than a hand written note- so sweet! so happy you have a sweet one ♥

  2. Easter baskets sure have come a long way, haven't they?! haha!