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french press mornings: a #simplygreycoffeetour

morning! i am so thrilled today to introduce you all to a new series that emily {love her} at ember grey and i are launching today. we have decided to explore different coffee houses and cafes around our cities of charlotte and nashville each week {along with our travels from time to time}; to read, write, blog, sip some delicious cups of joe and tea and most importantly… spend quality time with our loved ones or enjoy some alone time/serenity in the process. we will be hosting a link-up on the last friday of each month and would love for you all to join us! go explore, snap some photos using #simplygreycoffeetour -along with a hashtag for the city {ex. #simplygreycoffeetour #charlotte}
 {we will be sharing our favorites} and then link-up with us! we can't wait to see what you find and where you decide to sit and enjoy some precious moments this month. our first link-up will be on friday, february 27.  ^ above is one of our buttons {which will be available soon} *this photo was taken at my favorite coffee house in st. louis missouri, cafe osage, which is the city where this idea was inspired by… a special thank you to my beautiful sister and brother-in-law for the wonderful idea. 
are you in?! we would love for you to join us!!
a coffee tour community: lastly, we will be compiling a list of places for various cities that our readers explore under a tab on each one of our blogs - so if you ever travel or are interested in fun places in your city to sip some coffee and relax, you will have some ideas!

sweet emily of ember grey + nelle of simply love = a #simplygreycoffeetour

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here's to some french press mornings and cozy evenings ahead.
ps: i am also currently setting up a coffee bar in willow that i can't wait to share with you! 

… what i look for in a coffee spot: 
{25 coffee shops around the world to see before you die}
one: a cozy and eclectic atmosphere
two: a wide variety of beverages 
three: good tunes- esp. live music
if not, i will plug into some of my favorite stations on pandora
such as: joe purdy, norah jones, avett brothers, billie holiday, the honey trees, or regina spektor
four: reasonable prices 
who's in favor of happy hour coffees?
seriously- this should be implemented. 
five: late night hours as a night owl, these are huge for me. 
...a 9pm starbuck's close doesn't usually work well for me… 
when i lived in walking distance, i have been known to venture from there to another shop in one night- so places that stay open late/24 hours are ideal for me. 
… what do you look for in a great coffee house or cafe…

also, in case you missed yesterday's post- feel free to enter to win $100 cash!

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  1. SO excited to do this with you!! :) (And I think at some point, a road trip to NC is in order - you know, for the coffee tour!) ;) I hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. I am so excited as well.. and i would absolutely love that!! Yay!!! Great weekend so far- awesome road trip and coffee shop found. Loved it. Hope the same for you…

  2. This is such a great linkup! I look for similar things in a coffee shop :) Especially if they're unique and have mismatched furniture or real mugs and cool kitsch around !

    1. Thank you so much- would love to have you!! And yes, totally my scene as well- sounds lovely. Join us, Rebecca!!

  3. This was a featured post in last weeks Saturday Spotlight!!! We would love to have you back this week!!!! Xo

    1. thank you so much for featuring my post! i love saturday spotlight :) thank you for hosting!!