a road trip + bit and pieces + winter nails | olive june

a road trip + bit and pieces + winter nails

a road trip:

mr. monaco and i are off to explore raleigh today
we plan to walk around the city and enjoy some time together and also with friends
later this afternoon, we have a gender reveal party for a great couple

here are some bits & pieces i am loving this week: 

why i'll never ask when you plan to have a baby 
{this dawned on me a few years ago- which is why i try to never ask- i completely agree with this.}

hoping to bake these chocolate chip and peanut butter cup cookies at some point

loving this living room makeover

it's amazing what a little gold spray paint can do

on nine years of marriage

books read on the subway

refreshing our space

how to pick the right plant for your space

swooning over this stationary

--> i have been filling up willow with succulents lately- trying to brighten it up a bit.

winter nails: 
 the polish, Cocktail Bling, by essie is the perfect blend of pale blue and gray. 
i absolutely adore it and recommend it for these brisk winter days.

what color are your nails right now? 

...anything fun that you would like to share...
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  1. I really love that top photo! Makes me wanna go to one of my favorite coffee shops. For now, though, I'd rather stay in my pajamas. Hehe. I love that nail color!!! Mine are currently mint green. I'm about to go get them painting, and I'm thinking a pink or red or purple...can't decide!

    1. :) you will have to join our coffee tour! haha and mint green, gray, and nude/pale pink are my favorite colors!! all of yours are great choices - you can't go wrong!! hope your weekend is going well! xo