a love note | olive june

a love note

dear mr. monaco,
it has been exactly one month today since we closed on our new home,
which i love beyond words!
we have done more in this past month than i hope to ever do again in this lifetime 
{in one month}
it has been a fun journey already and i am looking forward to more projects and labors of love
so excited to turn this beautiful home into our first official 'nest'
i was thinking today about how lucky we are that we have each other
i love you and you love me.
you take care of me, and i do my best to take care of you.
you know how to soothe and love me, and i know how to support and encourage you
sometimes you get frustrated at me when you neatly do our laundry 
and i take my good ole time putting it away
and sometimes i get frustrated when you don't do the final step with tasks
but really, we love those things about each other
annoying or not- we still share a life together  
we both love the Lord and dedicate our hearts to Him.
let's always stay this way- always.

bringing back old-fashioned romance
one love note at a time.


  1. I like your letter. I love to write love nots to my hubby! There is comfort and love in an note!

    1. Awe- thank you!! I totally agree… so much comfort. Trying to focus on taking the time to do so more often… xo