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a coffee date

hi! hope your week went well… it's a rainy day in charlotte - which got me thinking... 'always try to play in the puddles.' when things aren't going well and you are down- keep playing. i have learned that the people who surround you during those times, are the people who are most important in your life {and nothing proved this more to me than last september and october} so grateful - so much love. how do you ever repay people for being there for you during your darkest days?
 still beaming with gratitude for those people {and i am pretty sure i always will.}  
emily of ember grey wrote the most beautiful post about this called do your friends place you in the best light? i have spent the last year focusing on this and could not be happier. 
-loving the people i have chosen to surround myself with- 
she wrote, "Sometimes we do forget we can pick and choose the people we allow into our personal lives. No one is perfect, no, and all relationships have their bumps (how else would anyone grow in life?), but I think we should cautiously reserve that precious space for the people who treat us how we might like to be treated. The friends who encourage and inspire and welcome and remind... for the ones who place us in 'that perfect spot' - the spot with the best light."
simply beautiful- thank you so much for sharing. 
{these photos were taken on my iphone from one of my favorite cookbooks, sunday suppers}
it's so beautiful that i wanted to share with you
...i have been meal planning and hope to share some recipes with you soon...
which also inspired a new winter header photo for simply love- hope you all like it.
 if we were to have coffee together, 
i would probably tell you… 
- i had lots of energy- thanks to my cleanse/clean eating movement  
{feeling so much better- so much healthier}
- enjoyed a great night at book club last night - esp. loved catching up with my old roommate
{i miss her.}
- loving our annual monday night on the couch together- really loving the bachelor- it's my one night i dedicate to doing what my husband loves to do - unwinding with some tv. after this season, we hope to watch a classic movie- exploring old cinema each week- hoping to share the movies with a summary and photos with you.
 {i always look forward to spending this time with him.}
- absolutely LOVING our new home, willow. so much.
{the decorating is a work in process- adoring every moment}
- a teacher workday today
{so nice to work in a quiet classroom!}
- an incredible massage, sushi, and a brew
{thanks to mr. monaco- i will now get either a massage or a facial monthly- ah!!! best gift ever.}
- reading and a cinnamon hot tea at barnes and noble
{trying my best to switch to tea}
- going to the movies
{unbroken was so powerful - also one of my favorite books ever}
- beautiful sunny days
{around 60 degrees!! so nice.}
low moments:
- missing my family and friends up north lots this week
{i esp. think of my sister all the time- we were so close as kids and i wish we lived closer.}
- not being able to celebrate my brother's birthday with him 
{happy 23 again, alex. love you more than words.}

what about you? 

what were your high and low moments this week?

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ps: have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I live in Eastern NC in a small town called LaGrange...so not too far from you. I am loving The Bachelor as well. It looks like an exciting season for sure!
    Have a blessed weekend!
    April :)

    1. that's awesome- so glad you stopped in! thank you! loving chris… it's good to see a small town boy represented! haha! enjoy your weekend- xo

  2. Replies
    1. awe- thank you so much! i would love to feature your blog soon… do you mind if i share your link and a few photos? also, if you want to send me a guest post - i will def. use that! ADORE you and your blog! hope you're well, sweet lady. xo

  3. Everything about this post is absolutely lovely!

    1. awe- thank you so very much. means so much to me! enjoy your day. xo

  4. I have been wanting to read Sunday Suppers! I'm gonna have to buy it one of these days. :)
    I lovvvve teacher work days! We need more of them, for sure. I think teachers should get one teacher workday a month simply for planning, grading, etc. It's so overwhelming at times!

    1. It's so beautiful- I recommend! I bought mine on amazon and it was worth it. LOVING my new necklace- you are awesome- thank you! And how nice would that be?!? I would absolutely love every second of those days… hope you are having a fabulous weekend! xo

  5. I am loving your updated collage up there! :) Thank you so much for the blog love, Nelle!

    1. awe- thank you so much! and of course- hope it's ok that i shared it- i simply adored it... so much. xo

  6. That post by Ember Grey! So good. I often have to remind myself of who I should be surrounding myself with, sometimes it's not so easy though :)

    1. I know, right!? So beautiful… and so true! Hope your week is going well!! Loved your posts this week! xo