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the monacos move- our first home {week fourteen}

today was a rewarding day in my classroom
i had my students write a thank you letter to a teacher/coach at our school 
some of them surprised me by placing sweet letters on my desk
while i was walking around the room helping them
they didn't put my name on the top of the letter,
but then secretly put them on my desk at the end of the block
they were powerful, sweet, and meant the world to me.
i hope the other teachers enjoyed their letters as well
honestly, i think some people underestimate young adults- 
they are so fabulous in so many ways 
and often don't receive the credit i feel like they deserve within our society
i just love them.

on another note, 
lots of amazing progress with our future home this week:
we have grass, landscaping, carpet in the loft/hallway upstairs, the railing on the stairwell has been stained, a microwave, mirrors in the bathrooms, our front door has been painted, and we have a mailbox! we are in the homestretch…

here are some decor inspirations that i love:

what person in your life are you thankful for?

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  1. I spy ship lap in the top inspiration pic, a staple in Fixer Upper designs. Watch some episodes over your turkey day break. You'll be even more inspired!