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the monacos move- our first home {week thirteen}

we were at the house on tuesday last week and then i stopped in after work on friday … within three days the following had occurred: 
- house numbers
- an oven
- pantry/closet storage
- railings were being stained
- doorknobs
- lights
- faucets
- pedestal sink downstairs
- toilets
- walls were painted
and then another trip today brought:
- light/electrical switches installed
- future grass ready to go down …

… and we have a closing date!! YAY 
as of now, we will be closing on monday, december 15 … two days before my class trip to charleston with around 200 8th graders and exactly one week before we head north for christmas. we are hoping to move on friday, december 19 after work- so hoping to stay healthy! any advice on natural ways to stay healthy? … i would love to know your advice- because buying/wrapping gifts, packing up, a class trip, moving an entire house, and then another trip... scare me a tad. and i want nothing more than to be healthy/to enjoy time with my family this christmas. 
*we are beyond words excited!!! and i know that it will all work out! 
we already have lots of help and support. 

our pantry and closet storage is in! 
above is the pantry <3 

^our neighbors and our back porch^
our future neighborhood
there are small ponds, playgrounds... and a future bike loop and park 

willow inspirations:
loving this kitchen storage, fridge, and these white chairs are my fav:
adore this idea of storing kitchen utensils in vintage pitchers:
everything about this room- the color scheme, floors, lights, accents.
storage ideas from a beautiful mess:


  1. You're neighborhood is so pretty! So exciting, it's coming up quick!

    1. Thank you so much… and yes, so fast!! Can't wait… exactly one month from tomorrow is move in day! :)

  2. Replies
    1. :) Thank you so much, April- you're so sweet! Can't wait!! Hope your week is going well!