the monacos move- our first home {week twelve} | olive june

the monacos move- our first home {week twelve}

monday thought
lots of fun updates this week 
within three days
there were hardwood floors downstairs and granite countertops!!
followed by hardwood floors upstairs, backsplash, and sidewalks a little later in the week
things are moving fast and we love, love everything so far! 
we chose to add crown molding to the top of the cabinets-  really liking the way this turned out:
willow inspirations: 
above: these are my all time favorite countertops
however, based on the choices we had, i really like how everything is coming together 
and feel like it was the best option for our overall look
stop back in tomorrow for snapshots from our trip to charleston, south carolina
 over the weekend
where we were able to watch this little lovebug, william shore <3 
we had a great time.
i fall in love all over again - every single visit. 
this one was no exception!! 

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  1. Subway tile...swoon! Have you watched Fixer Upper yet? Seriously, if you love those painted floors, you'll love their decorating style. Seriously. I know I said seriously twice. It's because I'm serious. ;o)

    1. Subway tile is my absolute fav. :) And I REALLY need to watch it- multiple people have told me this - including you! I have seen it briefly but need to watch it more! Thank you for the love and hope your day went well!! xo

  2. We love to get up and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while we make dinner together. Love Thanksgiving!

    1. Love it so much… :) Hope you're well and thank you again for EVERYTHING this week- you know how to through a giveaway!!! wow.