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hello there

- no matter how much fruit i eat, there is always room for more.

- nothing beats line dried laundry - i miss this from home. 

- i have elements of phoebe, rachel and monica in my personality.

- my math isn't good- so much stress- and i've never needed to use any of it.

- nothing beats a pastry and a cup of coffee

- as much a people pleaser as i am, i cannot please everybody … 
i want to focus my time and energy on genuine people-- who make me want to be a better person. 

- my heart is usually calm and my brain anxious for more.

- i still love going to the library 
- i adore clouds 

- i will never get tired of watching sex and the city episodes 
- i find gray walls in a room to be the most soothing.

- everyone is fighting a battle of some kind. some people show it more than others.

- i really like velvet and wood textures 

- i'll never learn to love peas or milk.
- i could live very happily forever in a quaint beach cottage or a historic farmhouse. 

- i have an unhealthy obsession with list writing. 

- i am drawn to kindness. always.

- i love accessories.

- taking care of your skin is so important - i wish i would have started sooner.

- life goes on. whatever happens.......life just goes on.

-hello there- 
what are some random facts about you?

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