the monacos move- our first home {week six} | olive june

the monacos move- our first home {week six}

our future home is coming along well
the only updates from last week
are electrical- def. not the fun stuff…

however, the drywall and siding are next!! <3 
so i decided to share some nest inspirations with you all... 

homestylin' and dreamin' away


“Don’t hold your head so low that you can’t see the sky”
by Catherine Feeny
*i love music so much- thinking about adding a track every now and then so you can enjoy the tune- along with your coffee while viewing/reading- what do you think?*

coming soon- a baby boy shower, my sister's bachelorette party in charleston, an at home charlotte cooking class, an AWESOME gift giveaway, october book club pick, autumn love, and my sister's wedding details and ideas- less than two weeks away!!