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simply love book club | #girlboss

join in this month for the ninth simply love book club, #girlboss - i have been wanting to read it for awhile…  the Amazon review, "[#GIRLBOSS] is deeply personal, yet universal. Filled with brazen wake-up calls ('You are not a special snowflake'), cunning and frank observations ('Failure is Your Invention'), and plenty of behind-the scenes stories from Nasty Gal's meteoric rise, #GIRLBOSS covers a lot of ground. It proves that being successful isn't about where you went to college (if you went to college) or how popular you were in high school. Rather, success is about trusting your instincts and following your gut, knowing which rules to follow and which to break." join us for a great read and a blog discussion at the end of the month- who's in?! 

please comment below if you plan to join this month… 

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