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trader joe's love

What Makes Trader Joe's  So Awesome~ 

I think of Trader Joe's as an experience- an inviting and economically friendly luxury grocery store for the masses. It makes you feel like you actually didn't just go grocery shopping… I always leave with a cart full of yummy & unique foods for around $50-60. Life is just too short to not enjoy a variety of food! Very thankful that my parents instilled this in all three of us from the beginning. They were both so great at providing us with a wide array of foods weekly and there was no choice- we would sit there 'until the cows came home' and our milk was warm, but we were eating our dinner.  
My journey with Trader Joe's began at Miami U - when my roommate, Meme, and I would drive 50 min to Cincinnati - just for the soy nuggets.
 and it's been true love ever since. 
a snapshot of my kitchen while cooking - 
i tried their clementine's this week- so good. 

Several of you have asked for some of my favorites over the years… 
Here are my favorite TJ picks: 
1. Cookie Butter - Yes, if you guessed cookie butter, you get a prize. I dare you to try it- you will love me forever. Pinterest is full of delicious recipes - or it's really that good right out of the jar. 

2. Nuts (Thai Chili Lime Cashews) 

3. Pizza Crust - $1.99 and available in wheat! Perfect for an easy family pizza night - or a party! 

4.  Wine - affordable and delicious! 

5. Chocolate, Salted Almonds 

6. Olive Oil

7. Sparkling Pink Lemonade - love this for bridal/baby showers and events - it's so good. 

8. Coconut Oil & Coconut Oil Spray

9. Roasted Red Peppers

10. Gluten-Free Oats

11. Frozen Chocolate Croissants

12. Triple Ginger Snaps

13. Frozen Naan- always up for some Indian food!

14. Edamame (Shelled) 

 15. Fresh Flowers 

16.  Hummu

seemed to be the most frequent tack-on to a long laundry lists of "and I love this, and I love that, and... hummus."  

What are your favorites? 

Are they the same/different?

Would love to hear about all of your yummy favorites 


  1. I'd give anything to visit a Trader Joe's- we don't have one anywhere near us!

  2. Oh hell yes! Inner Peas is my crack. Also, we get chicken gyoza from TJ's and it works as our go-to meal when we're out of ideas. I also love that they sample food and coffee in the store, so we can have a snack while we grocery shop. And their coffee is fantastic, especially for the price!

  3. LOVE the chocolate salted almonds! I haven't allowed myself to by the cookie butter yet in fear of loving it way too much! I'm already a sucker for the tub of mini chocolate chip cookies. I'll have to try the ginger snaps next time!