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oh hey. friday! {august 8}

i am linking up again today with amy and karli for oh hey. friday!
this week i decided to share five of the most life-changing ideas, items, or things in my life:
one - rodan + fields 
i was approached last october about joining the company rodan + fields dermatologists {the same two doctors who created proactiv) by my dear friend, blair, and to be honest, i was very skeptical and had no interest. however, i told myself that i would be open-minded, would listen, and would try the products. i ordered my first regimen {unblemish for acne} and within three days, my skin had already drastically changed for the better {something i had been desperately wanting to achieve since about age 14} absolutely loving the products- so much- i decided to research the company and after discovering nothing but positive stories, success articles from forbes magazine, and harvard business school's study calling it, 'the opportunity of a lifetime,' i joined the company on december 5, 2013 and am so glad that i made this decision- it has been one of the best decisions that i have ever made. the inspiring people i have met, my clear, smooth skin, the fun events around charlotte, changing people's lives by changing their skin … and the extra money each month- so, so nice. it's been a great experience that i am so thankful for. thank you, blair- i am forever grateful and have learned from this experience to always be open-minded because you never know what opportunity you will miss if you aren't. <3 so totally in love. 

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all of our products come with a 60 day money back guarantee, are all clinically proven
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i am always here! 
 two- aveda shampoo

do you have oily hair? and feel like you have to wash it every single day? that used to be me and i felt like i had no choice… and then i discovered aveda products. {you guessed it- life-changing} after about two weeks of getting out all of the parabens, my hair felt and looked amazing - and i can go two days without washing- if i need to. huge bonus- it doesn't look scarily oily by 5pm like it used to… yay!! rosemary mint smells delicious as well - it's my favorite.  

three- hot yoga

many of you know this, but my journey with yoga began about five and a half years ago and forever changed my life for the better. i began to express my soul, my anxiety gradually began to release- gaining peace, i began to appreciate the value of a pause, of acceptance, and releasing and letting go became a part of my life. each time i practice, i set an intention- this can be something like humility, peace, etc. or sometimes i practice for a particular person. by doing so, i began to realize what is most important in life, who i want to surround myself with, and how i want to live my life. it has truly allowed me to unwind and has inspired me that there is always room to grow. i believe that yoga has the power to deeply impact your life in ways that you never could have imagined.  
i took this after a morning yoga class with my friend, kate, today at okra in plaza midwood 

four- finding the correct bra size 

let's just say- i was WAY off. this past june, about two weeks shy of 31 {way too old not to know!!!}, my mom and i were at nordstrom and after years of painful experiences with my bras, i decided to get measured… forever thankful that i did because like i said, i was way, way off. now, having bras that fit me are both comfortable and just make the days go by a little better… and nordstrom has some beautiful and cute options! if you aren't sure, i recommend going and getting measured :)

five - letting go of negativity and to be yourself- always.

if my 30's {by the way- love so far} have taught me anything, it has been that i can decide who i surround myself with and that other people's negativity doesn't have to impact my life. i believe in living a positive, spiritual, and gracious life and have decided to surround myself with genuine and kind people- and it's been wonderful. being able to be yourself around people-- to laugh, express yourself, to be confident-- are all the best feelings in the world. thankful to have so many people like this in my life. also, here are some things that i did in my 20's that are benefitting me now: moving to a new city, finding a sincere man {who i love being with!}, quitting fast food, taking road trips with girlfriends, continuing to forgive those who hurt me {thanks mom- the best forgiver i know}, everyone isn't for me and i am not for them, the power of re-connecting with my faith, learning that it's ok to be confident, to enjoy the moment {but think ahead} and lastly, to take a leap of faith and build your wings on the way down! 

wishing you a fabulous summer weekend- enjoy! 

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