chatbooks | olive june


you all know how much i love instagram 

i have become closer with people, have become inspired, & love the overall idea of the app

it has become a way to document the little things in life - every day. 

therefore, i plan to fill our home with these adorable little chatbooks

you can get 60 photos put into a 6" x 6" book for only $6! 

it's very easy to do and there are lots of options… 

here is the site - chatbooks

-the binds are just fabulous- 
great font and they are labeled with the volume # and the dates


  1. What a cute idea. I don't Instagram but maybe I should start :)

    1. thank you so much angie!! it's my fav- join!!! would love to follow you. you are so sweet- thanks for the love! have a great day :) xo