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the laurel leaves

i am so happy to introduce you all to my inspiring, creative, talented and sweet friend, laura's, shop on etsy, the laurel leaves. i feel grateful to have laura in my life- she makes you want to be a better person, is so genuine, generous, loving, and is someone you want to be around. in addition, she creates beautiful paintings and recently opened her shop! please go check it out and add her to your fun etsy circle!  laura~ thank you for everything you have brought to my life over the past (almost) two years- you have done nothing but bring more of God's grace and goodness into my life. thank you for introducing yourself at the vanlandingham estate- i am oh so glad that you did!!  we have so much in common… and as you get older- it's all about spending time with those that appreciate you for you and allow you to be yourself around them and i always feel this way around her. thankful for you, sweet laura. 
~here are some of her beautifully colorful, fun floral prints~ 
^ my favorite ^
although it's almost impossible to pick just one! 
^ adore this one too!! ^
shop link: the laurel leaves

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