monacos do st. simon's island | olive june

monacos do st. simon's island

we had the best time celebrating and falling in love with the island. 

our hearts were so full from anniversary love!! 
a sincere thank you to all who sent love our way. 
we appreciated it - very much. 

i can't wait to share our experience with you all very soon! 
to one year old lemon wedding cake- still love the ruffles. 
and i read the book the orphan train this weekend and definitely recommend- 
the author's writing style is fabulous and i fell in love with the characters- 
i couldn't put it down and was so moved by the vivid display of american history 
 i really enjoyed it 

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  1. I love St. Simons. My husband and I have been twice and stayed at the same place, in the same room. Love it!!