five on friday - may 23 | olive june

five on friday - may 23

i am so happy to join an amazing group of fellow bloggers by participating in my first 
 'five on friday' 

… where we share five things that are on our mind/loves at the moment… 

one: today my snuggly and affectionate cat, pierre, turned nine years old - i love the way he loves on me. he is the sweetest: 

two: there are lots of amazing new moms {a few are some of simply love's biggest fans) and moms-to-be in my little world …
 adore this cute mobile: 

three: summer shoe love 

four: slightly obsessed with these bkr bottles -  designed to be clean, clear, effortless, luxurious, and beautiful - but not made of plastic of metal. 
five: let's make a bridal board!! so fun… 

wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend… 


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