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the couture mama- posh baby gifts

looking for a cute baby gift for a loved one? 
or something for your precious baby-
i absolutely love all of these items 
from the shop, the couture mama
from monroe, north carolina 
on etsy {<3}
sarah, the owner, has been so sweet
in offering a discount for you all~ 
use "nelle" at checkout and receive 10% off!!
thank you so much 
very much appreciated!

you can add on cute flowers to items: 
details about this shop/about the owner:

COUTURE- The design and production of fashionable high quality items.

MAMA- A child's most loved person (besides Daddy of course), caregiver, boo boo kisser, swing pusher, meal maker, all around love of babies life!

I consider myself a Couture Mama and I hope you do too! I am the mother of two beautiful little boys and enjoy all the mischief each day brings!

Creating is my outlet and I love to make things that bring joy as well as function to every mom that purchases something special from me. I started this little company because I could not find the baby gear I wanted and decided to do something about it. So I sewed and I glued and The Couture Mama was born. I hope you enjoy my selection of practical but oh so sylish goodies because every Mama deserves couture!

^ handmade teething rings ^
everything is so adorable 

there are many more adorable items at her shop 

be sure to check it out!! 



  1. Oh my gosh! This is so fabulous and so cute! I wish I had a little girl so I could buy everything! Maybe someday!

  2. So so cute! Thanks for alerting me to this, Nelle! Hope you are well! :)

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