gift giveaway winner(s) are announced… | olive june

gift giveaway winner(s) are announced…

due to the support and love from so many over the past year (esp. these two) i have decided to give two calendars away …

when i approached cassia at lola's room about ordering one more- 
she gave me one complimentary 
{which was so sweet of her} 

laura and carol 
{both so amazing}
a free/adorable 2014 calendar is coming your way!!

thank you to all who entered <3
i met laura through our wedding
you may remember her from yesterday 's post :)

she wrote this regrading her new 2014 goals: 
I am looking forward to so many things in 2014 and they are closely intertwined with my goals. My husband and I want to travel more in 2014 and we are starting that off with a bang! Mexico in 2 weeks! We are also planning to visit our dear friends in Alaska - need to find my snow bunny outfit.

Another goal is to throw a block party for my neighborhood. I know it may seem silly, but we are "new" to the neighborhood and still getting to know everybody. 

I would also like to enjoy life like my dogs - rest more, play harder and drink more water ;)

Here's to 2014!

love this, laura!!
and one to sweet carol

carol is from my genuine and kind hometown- 
i am so proud to have 'a hometown' 
in the country 
{thank you again, eric church, for another song I LOVE- haven't not liked one yet}
i wouldn't trade city life as an adult for anything-
but so fortunate to have a hometown ...
full of sweet people 
like carol 
always so supportive 
to call home. 

… once again, i just love a new calendar-

give me back my hometown 

hometown- see you in four days. 

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