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fitbit and january book club love

on sunday evening 
we had our family christmas in ohio
because we were not able to be together in december
it was so nice. 
we all sat around my parent's dining room table 
to a home cooked meal, glasses of red wine, and snow falling outside the window
my aunt, cousin, and precious grandma were there as well
 (she is one of my favorite people of all time- the sweetest}
we prayed, we laughed, we talked, and we all took turns doing toasts 
-it was so lovely-
i don't think i will ever forget it. 
thank you mom and dad
for always making this evening 
usually december 24 
so special.

 … later that evening, my sister and i received our much anticipated fitbits - 
which i am already in love with.
do you have one? 
if so, i would love to follow you… comment below if so ;) 
it tracks your steps, miles/stairs, active minutes, sleep patterns, calories, food intake, & water-
my kind of healthy tool.

 also a friendly reminder - only a few more days to 
finish january's book club pick: 

loving my new jo malone candle {nordstrom} from my brother
smells so good.
green tomato leaf 

hope your week is going well!!

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