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the magic and true meaning of christmas ~ merry christmas eve to all

As I sit here at Amelie's French Bakery, my very favorite spot in Charlotte, with a cup of hot peppermint tea, mushroom soup, and a coconut macaroon, I reflect on my life here… 
I have been more than blessed to be given a supportive family, a beautiful city, a God who is always there for me, a rewarding career, great friends, a safe and loving village to explore as a child, good health (most importantly)
 and a husband who loves me with all of his heart. 
Although I am happy; my heart is so full of gratitude- it is also breaking inside … 
this is my first Christmas apart from my family and a small part of my soul simply hurts. 
 However, I sit here and remember all of the ways that both of my parents always made Christmas so special … 
-a hard candy christmas- 
{as i walked through the south park mall (with every other male in charlotte:)) last night- i heard this song and knew God was looking over me …}

  • Christmas Eve was the most magical night of the year- the sparkling lights, the record player, dressing up {usually in an awesome matching outfit with my sister} having both sets of grandparents with us for an incredible dinner- then driving around to look at the beautiful lights, going to see baby Jesus, and finally coming home to see that Santa had arrived - the reindeer biting off the carrots and then a night of excitement with my little sister- I miss her dearly. We were always so excited that we couldn't contain ourselves- love watching this on home videos. "jessie- santa came!!!"
  • Getting dressed up and going to see the Nutcracker in the city with my mom and sister
  • The smell of the German smokers/incense around our house 
  • Playing in the snow with our neighbors- forts, snowmen (charlick), riding around on sleds all day 
  • Baking and decorating Christmas cookies
  • Listening to Kenny and Dolly Christmas- love. 
  • Spending Christmas Day with all of my cousins- lots of games, laughter, and horsie rides on my Uncle Mike's back - & lots of dancing around that small and intimate farmhouse 
  • Looking for the pickle in the tree
  • St. Nick arriving to pick up our letters 
  • Going to the Christmas farm with the Meirings to cut down our tree- Rosie the donkey, yummy hot chocolate, the cozy fireplace, cute cats, and I Spy books 
  • Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas 
  • Opening english crackers on Christmas Eve 
  • Handmade cross stitched stockings - made with love by Gram 
  • My dad saying the prayer/reflecting on the year- while watching the snow fall outside the dining room window
  • Going to church with the entire community that I was raised in … it's beautiful. 
  • The annual Ternasky open house on the 23rd and my parents open house on the 26th
  • Watching Elf, Home Alone, and Christmas Vacation 
  • The way my parent's door is always open to anyone at any time… :) 
  • Lots of games of 'screw your neighbor' {it is innocent- just sounds really bad;)} and 'shut the box' around the bar - with shots for Gramps
  • Our annual puzzle building - Jess' little love. 
  • My Grandma Schmiesing's excitement each year and the way my Grandpa Wolf sang 'O Come little Children' in German - not being with my 84 year old grandmother is the hardest part for me… she's the sweetest person I have ever met and I just adore her… and her love for The Little Drummer Boy. 
  • The love around me - the joy, the laughter, the way I can always be myself and never feel judged- so loving, fun and so carefree-  sending my love up to Ohio today to all my family and friends- wishing you a very Merry Christmas <3 and another year of health, peace, and lots and lots of love. 
    my perfect way to spend christmas eve morning- amelie's- so at peace. 
    you made this- a christmas to remember.

from christmas pasts at home: 
{last year photos here}
please pray that my brother's shoulder surgery goes well today!! 

christmas 2008 - our last one with this amazing man 

winner of the six hour uno game … 
perfectly said: 
have yourself a merry little christmas 

 now off to enjoy my first christmas with mr. monaco


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