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merry christmas

Wishes ~

Hi family & friends~
I want to take a minute to thank you – thank you for being here, for inviting me into your inboxes and web searches and lives- for speaking into our little story and making me feel like part of a big, beautiful, brilliant community – thank you. I didn't know when I began to blog last January that I would meet so many amazing, encouraging, and sweet people- so blessed to have you all in my life now. So here's to you- and your families and a whole lot of Christmassy cheer. 

I wanted to send some good Christmas wishes your way.  
I wish you moments of wonder, those seconds when you catch a glimpse of something magical in your child’s eyes, or watch them laugh with their grandmother, or slip your hand into your spouses’ while you walk in the snow, or sit down by the fire with a cup of something warm and feel perfectly wonderfully cozy and at home.

I wish you safe travels, airplanes full of well and patient people, well-packed luggage, all the right tickets in all the right places, napping babies, pleasant seat mates, and lots and lots of coffee.

I wish you moments of deep belly laughter with your family, the one you were born into or the one you built out of friendship and truth and powerful love.  I wish you card games and stories and the kind of nights that make you forget to check you cell phone.  I wish you good food and full bellies and generous glasses of excellent wine.
I wish you reconciliation in the troubled spaces, joyful memories in the painful mess of mourning, patience where it is most needed, and heavenly peace where it seems most impossible.
I wish you second chances and forgiveness and first hugs and first kisses, proposals and renewals and recommitments and giant, impossible, beautiful dreams for this new year.
I wish you the mightiest village, the warmest of places, and the perfect peaceful quiet of kingdom incarnate, of the idea, however far it is from your definition of this season, of a little bit of heaven on earth.
I wish you Emmanuel.  God with us.  God with you.

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