25 days of hot yoga and thankful thoughts- day five | olive june

25 days of hot yoga and thankful thoughts- day five

today's class: 60 min of hot vinyasa flow 

thankful thought of the day #5 - my incredible parents 
i really wasn't feeling yoga/working out tonight... 
however, i could hear my parent's voices inside of me - 
and my 'wolf perseverance' pulled through
and i was there on my mat- 
full of sweat. 

so glad i went ~ 

my night is always so much better when i go- esp. when i didn't want to in the first place. 
last weekend, tim and i spent the weekend watching my family's home videos from 1990 &1991 
and one thing was so clear- 
my parents are so in love-
so affectionate and loving 
they gave us the most ideal childhood-
there are so many videos 
of fun, family time, laughter, and lots of creativity
yet taught us responsibility and always believed in us 
to reach our highest potential. 
my sister and i were so close 
and still are today- 
she was hysterical - seriously amazing- she loved the camera. 
it was magical to watch these memories 
i know you two worked really hard
to always give us so much... 
you taught us to work hard, to love God, to forgive, to be hospitable, and to be kind
and you did so 
 through example. 

thank you both for everything you have done ...  

especially for giving tim and i the wedding of our dreams last summer!! 
excerpt from our wedding webpage: 
Dear Mom and Dad,

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for all the love and support you have both always shown me.  From the beginning, you have always been there for me and have provided so much love... I am so thankful for an ideal and magical childhood- which you both made possible. You have been there to pick me up when I've fallen, but have allowed me to make my own mistakes and learn my own lessons- thank you for always believing in me.
You taught me strength
You taught me humility
You taught me kindness
You taught me compassion
You taught me how to love
You taught me forgiveness 

You taught me to never sweat the small stuff
You taught me what is really important in life

                          Most importantly, you taught me how to triumph
                       through life’s battles with faith and God’s grace.

Now that it is time for me to begin my own family, I look upon my life with great pride as I know you have provided me with the tools I will need to be a wonderful wife and mother. Dad- you are the most intelligent and hardworking person I have ever met and Mom- you are the most caring, giving, and selfless person I have ever met. Together, you have shown me what it means to truly love another and are the perfect example of 'true love.' The lessons you have taught me are endless and I appreciate the fact that you have always trusted in me and have allowed me to build a strong confidence and a life I am very proud of- thank you. Most importantly, thank you for always teaching me the power of forgiveness and the importance of working hard. You raised me to be open-minded, patient, responsible, and accepting of all people - for which I will always be grateful.

I love you both so much. You are both the reason I am who I am today.

With love,

how amazing do they both look - so good. 
 june 29. 2013 
*couldn't have asked for better parents- 
that day
and always*
love their faces in this photo- best day ever ;) 
we had so much fun dancing & celebrating
surrounded by family and friends
for that's what is most important in life. 

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