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brats, rollin out the barrel, jugs, & a village with the biggest heart

      ... here is an excerpt from the website

       Welcome to the Minster          Oktoberfest
     The Oktoberfest, which draws over 80,000 people to the Village, emphasizes the community's rich German heritage. The people of Minster feel that the Oktoberfest is not just an event; it's a feeling, a spirit, a happy mood that conveys the warmth and friendliness of the community.
An invitation is extended to each one of you to join us and help celebrate the Oktoberfest on the weekend of the first Sunday in October. The Oktoberfest was begun in 1975 by the Jaycees (The Minster Journeyman's Club) and Kiwanis (Minster Service Club) and since has grown each year.

This gala, fun filled festival provides delights for all. Sing and dance to German music. Taste the hearty German foods. Watch the spectacular parade featuring colorful floats, marching bands and many celebrities. See the many events in the Gazebo and the Spazz Plaz. Take part in the beer tray relay, the 10K run, and any numerous other games.
it never fails- 
i am always so very homesick every year this weekend- 

the minster oktoberfest 
was always my favorite weekend of the year as a child-
all of my cousins would travel from far away
 and we would dance, eat brats, explore the crafts, eat german dishes, and hangout- 
i went and celebrated from birth- 2009
and sadly haven't attended the past three years. 

as an adult, it's even more fun ... 
and i miss it so much every year
you can feel the love and friendliness of our part of the world
all around you:
 so much energy and warmth-
it's simple and people are so genuine
the heart of the midwest.

 i hope everyone has an amazing time this year-
esp. my cousin Brett- who is turning 21!! 
i wish i could be there- 
2014 is definitely calling our name
have so much fun!! 
*have a brat and a few jugs for me you all*

... here are some of my favorite memories


here is jess breaking her 'flip phone' - she's sober and sad. 
always loved watching my brother play football on friday night- before heading to the fest - 
this is the year that he was on homecoming court - so proud of al wolf 

we all love our pin collections!!
love my parent's neighbors - so much 
home= faith & fun 
lots of jugs and a view of the church over us!!
we have photos of us as kids - dancing to the chicken dance under the flags - loved. 
eieieiei ooooooooo
'in heaven there is no beer... that's why we drink it here!!" 

proud germans
precious ansley in 2008- two months old 
watching the buckeye game on 4th street 
aunt pammy

cute ike 
proud of you all up there- 

miss you all so much

... hoping to head to waldhorn's german resturant 
in charlotte tomorrow evening- 
where they put on a small festival over the weekends in sept/oct-
brats, brews, and some of the same polka tunes...

always helps a little 
and makes my <3 happy.  

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