a surprise | olive june

a surprise

for my dearest friend 

i traveled to greenville, south carolina (so cute.) 
*to surprise my sweet friend, renee, yesterday~ 
we had a girl's night out 
adored every second of my time there... 
here are a few photos from the weekend~

thank you so much for all of the genuine hospitality, shealys!!

a trish mcevoy- make-up morning- at nordstrom saturday:)

tim and i watched the bengals game/football on a rooftop bar with friends today- 
so fun-
who dey...
i was especially excited because my parents were at the game- a fantastic win. 
plus, the weather was GORGEOUS and i enjoyed my first oktoberfest brew 
thank you for the cute soap, alissa!! 
'one stache fits all...'

our wedding gift from the shealys- 

so thoughtful and perfect- 
the giving tree
cutting board 
with our initials ...
& LOVE their home... 
we have similar styles, taste, and interests- 
truly enjoyed my stay!! 


we had an excellent 'paleo friendly' meal at rare downtown 
and then headed to the dinner/comedy theater- 
cafe and then some 

<3 them. 
*it was so nice to chat, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee this morning
*my first time with almond milk*
with the fall breeze coming through the house- 
such a beautiful day in the carolinas. 
my classroom is ready for autumn as well- hung my famous 'pumpkin lights' friday... yay!! 

loved coming home to my boys... 
welcoming my sister, jess, and her boyfriend, bassey 
back to the u.s today!! 
can't wait to hear all about your trip to italy and france

they took this photo in italy~ 

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  1. love the photo's you did of Derek and Alissa's! Looks like you three sweet girls had a good weekend!