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waving goodbye to litchfield's shore

today we left the beach and arrived back in charlotte... when we pulled into our adorable neighborhood, mr. monaco said, 'i love where we live!' & i couldn't agree more. our neighborhood and our city- simply love. we are about two hours to the mountains and three hours to the beach- yet our city is young and new and there aren't many tourists- just queen city lovers, who love it just as much- it's always so refreshing coming home. 
already missing cute taylor kate~

here are a few more photos from our trip ...mainly beach house decor-> a passion

love fresh fruit- esp. at the beach!!
... so hard to leave such a beautiful place- a thank you to tim's parents for everything- a great end to the summer of 2013- the best, fastest, busiest, most special one possible. 
back to healthy eating and working out tomorrow... 
a relaxing week, but excited to feel healthy again!!

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