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our wedding photo booth

--> tim and i have always LOVED photo booths at weddings- this photo was taken at our friend's wedding in florida- may 2012- so when it came time for our wedding, we just couldn't resist getting a photo booth and it was so worth it- aMaziNg. thank you all so much to all who had fun and participated~ one of our favorite things about the sunday after, was looking through all the memories that were held in the booth! we love you all and hope you had as much fun as what it looked like... 
*we used shoebox photo booth in charlotte and would recommend them to anyone- they were incredible to work with- friendly & professional - and even better- much cheaper than other companies- yet awesome! ... we can't say enough about them! enjoy the photos... xo

i supplied our own photo book~ 
thank you all so much for the all the compliments- much appreciated!! 

and this is why i adore vicky so much... we just 'click' 
just adore lance 
so sweet 

love my parents-- love. 

i think our guests had fun~
there's a reason we surround ourselves with these people... 

they wrote "video killed the radio star!!' lol.

mom and her goddaughters
true love

one of my favorites- classic joe t- "a magic trick!!": 

love her