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the finish line is in sight...

i haven't blogged for a few days-  i miss you all and wanted to- however, we have been very busy moving... and the last of the "utility transfer" was the internet- which happened today!  moves are never fun, by any means, but this one has been exciting~ despite the long days.  we are in love with our new nest- i can't wait to share photos soon... and are getting ready/are anxiously awaiting our first visitors- my brother, alex, and his girlfriend, jana, will be here on wednesday- we can't wait. besides loving the feel and look of our new home- we LOVE that we can walk to so, so much and have already done so- love. 

we've been married exactly one month today- what a great month it's been! 
... more wedding, honeymoon, bridal, etc. coming soon!! 

thank you so much to all of you who sent sweet messages, regarding the move, over the past week- so nice of you-
they meant so much to us!!
thank you.

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