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part wolf~ always

today marks my last official day as 
ms. wolf :( 
like most people, i am proud of my last name- a name i have had for 29 years... it's been good to me and i am sad to leave it behind - but proud to take on tim's last name at the same time... 

in honor of the past
 6 1/2 years - here's some of my favorite 
wolf love 

(as the kids always say/making the nc state symbol)

one of my friends sent me this shirt - she thought of me - i'll always be 'part wolf'
- so amazing. 
student teaching 5th grade in germany- loved this experience... so much. 
 miss lily jane came back to visit me today- and left me this note :) 
some pictures from yesterday's 8th grade moving on ceremony... 
love aramis!!

my cool cat this year- max!
she's fantastic.
this was drawn by my quietest student of all time- wen. 
he never talked- ever- and i always tried. 
then on the last day of school, he brought this up to me. 
homeroom loves
speaking of 'last day' ... congrats to mr. snodgrass on 41 years of teaching... 
wednesday we dressed up like him in his honor... best wishes, tom!

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