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what is love?

as it should be~ here is the video: true love

“What is Love?” 
An Elderly Couple, after 50 years of Marriage

So LIFE AFFIRMING! - Here’s a 3-min film about an Australian man, Bill Forward, who devotes his life to caring for his cherished, infirm wife after nearly 50 years of marriage.

Bill and Glad Forward live on the Sunshine Coast of Australia after spending much of their lives working to help those with leprosy, as well as orphans, in India and Romania.

Because of advanced Alzheimer's, Mrs. Forward is now largely unable to do anything for herself, meaning her husband has to attend to her constantly.

Director Fiona Cameron was deeply touched by the story of a couple, who she has known for 15 years.

"It has been breaking my heart to watch Glad wither away over the last few years but it has also astounded me how Bill has gently cared for her," says Fiona. "It wouldn't cross his mind to do anything but cherish, protect and care for her.

"Their love is just so profound and I felt that others need to see that this kind of love still exists."

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