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one word wednesdays ~ art


are a simple weekly way for us to share our life adventures in a creative way together.  

each wednesday I will be sharing a word~ a word that you and i can capture during the week. i hope you will join in on your blog/instagram - or you can email/message me as well. 

this week's word: art 

next week's word: growth 

 this week's photos: 
one of my favorite paintings in the nest - karenfieldsgallery
cute kinder art - rachel from maryland

alyssa from matthews

i'll watch the morning sun rise 
to light up the bright blue skies

i'll watch the sunset over my head
in brilliant shades of pink and red

when the world is black at night 
i'll watch over you and your starlight. 
i know we will meet again one day
but for now, all i can do is say 

i love you,
my concrete angel 


 anna from charlotte

*another inspirational photo from last week's word ~ project: 

melissa from georgia 

thank you so much to all who participated...
absolutely love seeing your inspirations pop up :) 


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