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a care package from lori...

i was greeted after school today to an adorable care package from one of my bridesmaids, lori- loved so much. what a thoughtful gesture - can't wait to see her this weekend in savannah... 
the note inside... 
adorable bird earrings ... she knows me SO well. that's what 23 years of friendship will do. 
growing up, our elementary school gave away a pencil on each students' birthday- you were called to the office and could pick it out - being a summer birthday, my 'school birthday' was march 25- lori continued after high school to send me a pencil each year in college - and in true lori fashion- procrastination at its finest- made up for it today by sending 7 pencils for 2006-2013~ ha
her wedding day- august 12, 2006 
katie and greg's wedding 
country concert at home with lori, my sister and cousin kelly 
her 'little' boy and i ... he's now 5!! 

class of 2002 friends at our hometown bar 
rethman-crawford wedding -- so fun. 
two of our wedding party members 
only smalltowners turn wedding vases into beer steins ;) 

don't forget- tomorrow is #onewordwednesdays and the word is project!! 

thank you again, lori!! 
such a dear friend... 

... this tuesday consists of hot yoga and a comedy show/double date at the music factory :) perfect.

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