inn at versailles bridal shower- part one | olive june

inn at versailles bridal shower- part one

an italian fare and wine bridal shower ~ 3.30.13

in love with the invites- they know i love backers/fonts...
 just adore the entire look ;) 

on march 30, 2013 my mom and sister threw me a beautiful bridal shower near my hometown at our favorite place- the inn at versailles. there are no words for what it meant to me... they spent countless hours prepping and it was so wonderful... the location, beautiful flowers, shabby chic decor, italian food, wine, favors (so in love), the surprise gelato bar with my favorite flavors, and most of all- the people. i am so blessed to have the family and friends that i do- i felt so comfortable (which is hard for me when being the center of attention) but i truly did and i could say 'love' as many times as i wanted. :) we laughed and cried (well katie and i- for we are the same person) ... and had so much fun- i really didn't want the day to end. thank you so much- from the bottom of my heart- for everything. *it meant the world to me to be surrounded by 6 of my bridesmaids- i have known them all from the ages
of 4-6 years old and on -- being up there with them,  made the day even more special. *this process has taught me just how blessed i am to have each one of them in my life- so thankful for each one of you- thank you for everything you have always done for me- esp. over the last 9 months and thank you for always loving me for who i am. i love you all

 - very much. 

it was a day that i will never forget- a day that i will always cherish. 

thank you to those that were far away, but shared your love- esp. meme wagner, cousin kelly, tricia monaco, skip, cousin jenny, aunt judy, godmother jeanne, and cousin jillian for the thoughtful messages throughout the day- love you all. xo

my entire life, you have both loved me so unconditionally and have done SO much for me... mom- you are so giving/loving and jess- you are always there for me/always believe in me.
 together, you have made wedding plan fun and pretty stress-free- my goal!!
thank you both again for everything - loved.  

 my mom and sister bought me a few things at anthro- along with this very special journal - which my sister used to write down the gifts:) 

               so in love with our precious flower girl, ansley. she is so excited- as are we! 
for more on my relationship with each one of them:

 the inn

my mom has always called me 'her sunshine girl' 
and incorporated yellow ribbon throughout... 
my college roommate, christy, drove 4 hours each way from cleveland to be there for me... meant the world to me- hope you had fun and thank you so much!! 

my mom came up with the idea for the favors and it was so perfect - everyone loved. 
a cute anthro teacup in teal, orange, red, and blue - along with two of her famous chocolate chip cookies trimmed in lace, chocolates, green tea and a cute tag from 
... when i arrived friday afternoon, i walked in and my sister and mom were making them- i screamed when i saw them- so cute. 

smarties for bingo and owl pencils for the 'advice' cards ... 
the set-up crew :) 
she had so much fun! 

 cute apron, spice rack, and towels- thanks to my godmother, stacey, mom, and sister 

cute straws and decor 

with some of my loving bridesmaids 

my cousin taylor 
love you too!

love my aunt pam!!! 

the girl next door, lisa 

i saw this today - in relation to my aMaZinG uncle bo, who passed in november, and it really hit home/couldn't agree more: 
Every single day is a gift for all of us, and the connection we share with our family and friends, in the end, is the only "real" there is. Everything else is just filler.


  1. Just wanted to say that this post, your wedding plans, and everything about this blog is so dang cute! Now I better introduce myself before I appear (as my 15yr old daughter would say) "stalkerish!" i am Stacey Fiessinger, Betsy Nichols older sister. We have gotten to know Jess and your family through Bets and cannot say enough good things about them. Then, I come across your blog (somehow saw it on Facebook) and I see that you are just like the rest of your family! I am addicted to blogs and I can see tht this will be another to add to my list. Best of luck in the rest of your wedding planning!

  2. Love the photos! My mom is going to be so honored you mentioned her in your blog. Love you and can't wait until June!

  3. thank you both SO much... so sweet :) Stacey- not 'stalkerish' at all- haha- so glad you are following my blog and I also LOVE your family - I used to go to your parent's house in high school and love your parents and am so glad that Betsy is moving to Charlotte :) I really appreciate your message - thanks for reading :) Have a great week!