april goals | olive june

april goals

one of my goals for the month: 
in addition, i am starting another 
'healthy living' 
30 day challenge: 

odd days: a cardio workout (zumba, kick boxing, a run/walk)
even days: hot yoga

* however, if I can't fit in a cardio workout due to appointments/prior plans -- or due to the weather/schedule at the y - i will be going to yoga one- probably to the 6am class- rise and shine again!

*in addition, going to continue to eat clean and am starting to juice :) yay!!!

- stay turned for weekly updates- 
more than likely each sunday! 

thanks for all of your continuous love about my 40 day challenge- you all helped me so much!


  1. Did 20 minutes of Insanity then gave up...why can't I have your motivation- Tiet:(

  2. do this challenge with me :) it would make my month - miss and love you! - wolfie