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an amelie's french bakery kind of friday evening

last evening, i enjoyed a night out at amelie's french bakery in the arts district in charlotte with some great friends- lots of great stories - we laughed almost the entire time. 

the quote below reminded me of one of my favorite parts of the evening- while we celebrated the birthday of my dear friend, kate dittman, who i met (in charlotte) on my first day at the middle school that we both teach at, when i looked and thought- i know this person. 
~ when asking where we were from, i had to say 'a small town about an hour north of dayton, ohio'  (instead of mentioning a one word city like most people) and when she was persistent on the name, i knew one of two things: she was from near there/had relatives in small-town or she has been to the country concert - it turns out that the guy she dated in college was from Botkins - in the same county/so close. and due to my cRaZy memory (i basically remember almost everything that happens in life- there are pros and cons to this!! more on this a little later), but i remembered her and her boyfriend from my very first college party. 
we've been friends ever since that summer day in charlotte- 2007. 

*last night we talked about our days at beautiful miami and about how much we absolutely loved those first few years in charlotte- wow. so many amazing memories & lots and lots of FUN. i could probably write a book about those years of my life... now we spend friday evenings at a french bakery- and that's just as good. :) 

... when talking about college she said, "yea, i was looking through my college diaries and i asked myself, 'why did i write that sh*t down' ... lol. sorry for the language, but this led to some great stories and laughter. hilarious- oh college. love you, kate

adore the look of this front door from ballard designs

today i am continuing some wedding planning/spring cleaning to the movie eat, pray, love (love) - this book was very life changing for me... i remember reading/annotating on a blanket in the park for days in the fall of 2007 - it opened my eyes up to many life lessons.

... and the blaring of blackhawk's pandora station continues... there hasn't been a song i don't like yet ;)

today's agenda:  an afternoon with friends touring some carolina wineries on a wine tour! 
it's 72 degrees and sunny - perfect spring saturday in north carolina.
have a wonderful day!

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