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bookcase of the day and a saturday morning on 5th street

spending this saturday morning messaging with my adorable sister in st. louis- i miss her so much... my week's are SO crazy running around (but it's fun- love wedding planning) that i haven't been able to take to hardly chat with anyone... :( but i can't wait to see her next weekend in ohio and then the following weekend in missouri! (my first trip to mo)

*along with a cup of tea, emailing the amazing sellers on etsy (they are the BEST), making my weekly grocery list, reading my book club book for wednesday, the fault in our stars by john green, and getting ready for brunch with some girlfriends in uptown charlotte this afternoon... 

~ i just found out that one of my college roommates- love her- is driving ALL the way from cleveland to my hometown (about 4 hours each way) for my bridal shower next saturday 3.30.13- HOW SWEET. seriously, there is something about the people from the midwest- they will never surprise me- always going above and beyond for those that they love- thank you, christy. this is the way that i grew up too- miss you people up there in the heartland.
 so sweet and so blessed. 

happy saturday y'all! 

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