forty days of yoga- day 3 | olive june

forty days of yoga- day 3

... rise and shine yogis! come on- rise and shine!!  - dave 
(in bow pose tonight- made me laugh- how it was used/said)  ... my dad used to say this to us every morning!

class: 60 minutes of power vinyasa (hot)

teacher: dave (one of my favorites!!) 

i'm not going to lie - it was the hardest i've ever had to push myself to go to yoga today - i was very tired and even more - extremely dehydrated. 

honestly, if it wasn't for my challenge, there is no way that i would have went - however, when i left, i felt so, SO much better!!  

what i walked away with... to set the foundation of a pose first and then explore, reach, and extend 

*i feel much better and am ready to go celebrate the super bowl at the travieso household tonight!  i am a cincinnati bengals fan; however, because there are 4 buckeyes- teddy ginn jr, larry grant, alex boone, and donte whitner- all playing for san francisco - i am a 49ers fan tonight! although im an anything vintage/shabby chic lover, the midwestern girl in me,  LOVES football - especially college- I could watch it all day - but i've grown to love nfl as well! 

*definitely just cried during the sandy hook --  'america the beautiful' song - so beautiful. 

what team are you cheering for tonight? 

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