forty days of yoga- day 28 | olive june

forty days of yoga- day 28

today's class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot)
teacher: daniel

a huge part of me loves 6am yoga- when i walk in it's dark... when i walk out -- sunshine. 

what i walked away with: a few days ago, i posted about my dear friend, renee. we have been close friends since kindergarten- and i don't ever remember ever being upset with her- there's not much room for drama when you only have 55 classmates! ...she has the kindest soul, is extremely laid-back, healthy, genuine, loving, and so incredibly selfless. yesterday, our hearts were broken when her amazing step dad, curt, passed away... God called him home and he is no longer suffering, but it was a sad day-- to say the least. this evening i am flying home to ohio to pay my respects and to be there for my amazing friend. throughout my entire life- and especially regarding wedding planning- she has been by my side; always offering to help and support me. she continues to say, 'janelle, i would do anything for you...' it makes me emotional every time- because i feel bad about all of the the time she is spending- just for me. so humbling. her love is unconditional- that is so clear to me- and for that, 
i am so grateful. 


the truth is: i feel the same way about her~
for i would do anything. 
renee- may you always remember the good times you have had with curt... we are all so blessed to have known him. i am especially grateful to have grown up with him- he made your mom so happy and was such a great person. may he rest in peace. 
my deepest sympathies to you all. 
Say not in grief that he is no more
but say in thankfulness that he was
A death is not the extinguishing of a light,
but the putting out of the lamp
because the dawn has come.


... although i won't be at yoga one over the next two days- i will be practicing yoga at my parent's house. *i will return to hot yoga on sunday 3.3.13 - for day 31- some things are just uncontrollable- however, i plan to continue my challenge! :) 

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