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forty days of yoga- day 16

today's class:  60 min of power vinyasa (hot) 

teacher: sally (the owner and my ABSOLUTE favorite instructor of all time- i used to stalk her classes because i love her so much- so when i looked at the schedule for this weekend and saw that the only two that worked for each day were her classes... i was SO excited.) 

what i walked away with: she mentioned that she was at last night's deep stretch class as well and talked about the fact that often being still is more challenging for her than flow/movement- which is exactly what i wrote about last night... so crazy that she took away the same concept that i did. in addition, at the end of the class, she talked about how she has noticed that many people in the class have changed over time/that many people look and act more calm... that she can see it in our expressions & faces. i agree with this and felt like she was talking to my heart. *yoga one has changed my life over the past 3+ years and i can never thank them enough for this. so life-changing - it's become a special home to me; a place i deeply love. 
... when i am there -- practicing on my mat-- no one else around me, no other stresses or worries are present... it's just me and my practice. 

*one of the best parts about practicing this morning was that i left my house early and walked out of my door to snow flurries- which is not usual- at all- in charlotte. so when it happens, it's a big deal-- to say the least. today's snow was beautiful- gently draping the trees- and i loved practicing and being able to see the snow falling through the windows while practicing in a hot studio. 

*i spent this evening watching my adorable neighbor girls (love all of my neighbors). they are also from ohio/miss the snow too and were all about being 'cozy' - a trip to panera for soup, the smell of a fire, a movie, pjs, laughs- so cute. 

the backyard of my house today... 

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