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engagement photos 
november 17, 2012 
on friday, january 11, we received our engagement photos on this adorable dvd- with a cute note in the mail...

when we first got engaged on june 2, i spent the next few weeks researching primarily for three things to begin the wedding planning process- a date at our church, a venue, and our photographer... for us, those were the three most important things to start with...

after researching literally every photographer in the area and meeting with a few, i instantly fell in love with melissa tuck from rome, georgia (she travels to charlotte often to shoot) ... her webpage, her work, and then it was above and beyond love after meeting her.  we are so blessed to have her photograph our wedding in june...

our engagement album- thank you so much again to everyone- especially to Melissa Tuck- our amazing, talented, and genuine photographer- she's so sweet and fantastic to work with!! our blog post:

we decided to take our pictures in a total of three areas around charlotte that mean so much to us.... 

*the green/park next to our church in uptown charlotte

*NoDa - also known as 'the arts district' - which is where i was living when we met 

*a park in elizabeth -  current neighborhood in charlotte 

these were taken in the park next to our church- which was really special...

such a fun day!!

the green - uptown charlotte


picnic in the park 


m is for monaco  

lots of kisses 

we appreciate the support from all of those who mean the most to us... i've never received so many call and messages... the save the dates were close (post coming soon) but this response was over the top...

we love you all. 


  1. One of my most fulfilling shoots to date. Y'ALL are the best!!! I'm so lucky you found me. :) Love your blog - GO YOU! xoxo.

  2. awe, thanks SO much melissa- so sweet of you to comment and we are so glad as well! we adore you. thanks for the sweet words and hope you're having a great month! xo