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a teacher's love

... as good as apple pie 

In sixth grade, I had the most amazing teacher, Mrs. Albers. Although I had many, many inspiring teachers along the way (Mrs. Daugherty/1st, Mrs. Hoehne/4th, Mrs. Trissel/Spanish, and Mr. Bailer/Biology- were just a few who had a very significant impact on my life) however, she led me to creative thoughts, ideas and emotions worthy of expressing for the first time in my life as a young student and I can never thank her enough for that... Sure, my classmates and I lacked the ability to properly express those ideas... however, her young, spunky, and caring personality helped me to develop a sense of confidence and love for literature that still exists within me today. She was kind, patient, and showed us what it meant to learn objectives in a positive manner- always with respect and most importantly, always with love. 

One of my favorite things about Mrs. Albers was this: we did so many hands-on assignments and activities that I still remember vividly today- so many. I can remember her thoughtful introduction on the first day of school, creating numerous skits, exploring our imagination by constructing creative projects, fun science experiments, constantly working on our listening skills through critical thinking activities, and most of all, being challenged with unique writing prompts that sparked a love for all aspects of the english language-- and at every step-- feeling my confidence and love for reading & writing grow. 

She loved us and I could feel it- every day. 

Today, I am an 8th grade language arts teacher and my only hope is that one day my students will remember me and the lessons that I taught them with at least half as much admiration as I have for Mrs. Albers and what she has left on my life. 

Moral of the story... sixth grade teachers can change your life. Always be nice to them.

Do you have a favorite all-time teacher? 

What made your teacher exceptional?


  1. I've had some pretty inspiring teachers, but the one that I treasure the most now is the one that challenged me the most at the time. :) I hope your students are thankful for you because they sure are LUCKY!

  2. Oh My Gosh...you truly brightened my day, Janelle! You know it's funny, as teachers, we sometimes think, "Am I really making a difference?"...thanks for telling me that I am. :) I'm sure you are so inspiring to your students. I see your creativity come through in your facebook page. :) I love the fact that you are now an 8th grade teacher! I'm sure you're a fabulous teacher and are inspiring lots of young 8th graders!

    Honestly, I can't tell you enough what your little posting meant to me. Sometimes those little pick-me-ups are just what you need to keep the spark in your teaching. I love what I do...it's truly a job that gives back.

    I'm so proud of you for taking the challenge to inspire others. Best of luck in your teaching career!

  3. Mrs. Albers- you are so, so welcome! Honestly, this post doesn't do justice for what you brought to my life- there are so many other things that I could have written... words just can't do justice. Thanks so much for your sweet comments- I really appreciate them. I wanted you to know that you inspired and impacted my life - you were a huge factor when choosing my career. THANK YOU!! Much love to you and hope you're well!